Everything is Temporary

Everything which we see around us is temporary, whether it is a mortal thing or immortal thing. Life itself is full of temporary events, even life is temporary we have to die one day.

We should not be depressed due to the current situation of our life. If you are not able to get things you want in your life do not disappoint. Keep doing your endeavour towards your goal. There is a story about a king who once lost his kingdom in a battle. Somehow he escaped from there and started living in a cave. He was very despondent. He always kept thinking about his past days and how he used to rule over his kingdom.

One day while he was sitting in the cave he saw an ant. The ant was trying to climb the wall. But the ant fell down every time, but the ant did not stop she kept her effort on. The ant fell down many times and after each time she started climbing again. Her effort paid and at last the ant was successful in climbing the wall.

Suddenly king got the idea, He gathered his soldiers and started planning to get his kingdom back. After a lot of efforts, he got his kingdom back. He knew that success and failure are just temporary. You should not be worried about them and you should keep working towards your goal.


The Unconsious post

Well, I got a task to write something without thinking much about this post. well let’s start, I do not know what should I write about or let’s start with writing about my life. Life has become very strange. Nothing is happening in the way I thought. Maybe this is is the reason people say life is not easy. The problem with me is I do not want a regular life. where you go to 9 to 5 job and come back. Although I do not have complaint with anyone who follows this lifestyle but I think I am not made for this.

Even I know I am not made for that life still I am not able to do about it. I have started my startup but it is not going well. This is a online shop but nobody comes for shopping. no its not true few orders come but they are not sufficient. So I thought of starting my own blogging website. where I can write my feelings. I do not know but I love writing. I do not know why I like writing. But I like. Some time I go through mental block. nohing comes into mind. But when I downloaded that book it was for daily propmt. The first excercise I am supposed to do is to write without thinking. just write and I am just writing. I do not know what I am writing but I am writing.

It is not easy to keep writing but you have to as the excercise require you to write for 20 minutes. and still only 8 minutes have passed and 12 minutes are still remaining. oh god what I am writing. God you are great. Some days ago my favourite singer Sonu Nigam tweeted about loud speakers in religious places. He was saying that any religious places should not have loudspeakers. Because It is forced religiousness. Some people didn’t like that tweets and they protested against him and some people even supported him. I think he did right thing. Here in India we are not supposed to say anything against the religion. why I thing we should have right to ask everything about any thing. Now 32 minutes have passed and still 8 minutes are remaining. ok Lets talk about weather.

It is too hot here. Temperature is rising up and temperature have already reached 45degree and heat wave have started. I got a phone in between this post of my friend who has left jaipur and shifted to Bikaner. so we were talking about temperature. temperature is very very high. In this hot tempereture you should read my blog post on my blog. I like writing but have never written anything without thinking as I am doing now. My hands are automatically typing and there may some typo errors please forgive me for that. not 16 minutes have passed and 4 minutes still remaining. I have already written 482 words till that 482 not it is 488. I was thinking is it really possible to write 500 words in 20 minutes now I have crossed that limit and still 3 minutes are remaining. wow. I did not know that I can do that Thanks my life. I loved wordpress from very early versions of wordpress. I am a web developer used lot of wordpress in clients website and now I have decided to develop my own content website.

wordpress.com is very good website. I am proud of using wordpress and not 19 mintues have passed and I am near 600 words wow. so as time is going it is going. 20 minutes can be completed at any moment.

Fraud every where in a country

When ever I see news from Pakistan I feel how much fraud is there in their daily life. Some times I feel that they are only lies are there in ordinary Pakistani people. if we take there education every thing in their history book is based on lies. They represent hindus as a villain and a enemy so many young minds of Pakistan who have taken their education becomes a anti India. As a Indian I have keen interest in pakistan and their people, It may be because there is some types of rivalry between both countries. But today I want to write something which came into light two days ago about a Pakistani Company named Axact. which was selling fake degrees from the name of fake universities to all over world by the mean of online degree.

The investigating report was published in New York Times about fake degrees and the name came into that conspiracy was a company from Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where people are kept in dark and some kind of  conspiracy theory is presented by their media or by their government. Axact show case their this mentality. In India we get lot of miss calls from Pakistani numbers. which starts from +92 and if some one not knowing about their country code and calls them, then they try to misguide you by asking you about your credit card details or they may pretend to call from telecom company you are using and they can do fraud with you.

Axact made 370 websites (known till today) of some kind of name which looks like a original university name, Like they have made a website named like McGraw university, Northway university and other universities also. The design of these websites are very attractive that it looks like an original website, but one thing is same for all website, there are no physical address is given and when I checked those websites I found that even videos are same. which points towards malicious objective.

The world of web is prone to fraud because any body can make any website that can look like the original website and which can be used for doing fraud. This Axact case is similar to phishing case where websites are made exact same looking as a bank website and there you put your banking details like password and username into their login panel and those password and username are then stolen and money is transferred.

Axact’s fraud is so big that they even issued a certificate by the name of John Carry, Secretary of the states have been issued to the people in very high price which as New York times says easily available in $100. They even have recruited people with good American accent, Those people would pick call in behalf of that fake university and tell people to take degree from them. This is one of the biggest educational scam which came into light. They even created fake accreditation agencies by mean they take accreditation, so is there any way by which we can track if the online universities are fake or not.

  • Simplest one is to check their website URL, now a days genuine uinversities or schools have .edu as their domain.

Other points are taken from http://www.geteducated.com/college-degree-mills/161-college-degree-or-diploma-mill They are as below

1. Your chosen university is not accredited.
Degree mills love to use official-sounding terms to impress potential students. These terms often sound good, yet mean little in terms of educational quality. Be wary of these terms and phrases: “authenticated,” “verifiable,” “licensed,” “internationally approved,” “notarized,” “recognized by the Pope” and “accredited by UNESCO.”
2. Your chosen university is accredited … but NOT by an agency recognized by theCouncil on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education. The majority of Internet degree mills are “accredited.” The problem is that they are accredited by bogus agencies that they themselves have created.
These bogus accrediting agencies—also known as accreditation mills—typically have prestigious sounding names. They often claim to be “worldwide” or “international” agencies and therefore superior to any single agency operating in the United States. Check the Diploma Mill Police’s list of suspicious schools for scam reports and details on the real accreditation status of any online college.

3. Admission criteria consist entirely of possession of a valid Visa or MasterCard.

Previous academic record, grade point average and test scores are deemed irrelevant. Telemarketers and spam emails promise “you cannot be turned down” for a degree.

4. You are offered a college degree based on a “review” of your work experience and faxed resume.

Most degree mills offer what are known as experience degrees. Credit for career experience is a valid option at many universities that deal with adult learners. But the process of evaluating work experience for college credit is complex. No valid distance learning university in the U.S. will award a graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) based solely on a review of work, life or career experience.

5. You are promised a diploma—an instant degree—within 30 days of application, regardless of your status upon entry.

Degree mills are in the business of selling paper—fake diplomas and transcripts. Ergo, they’ll get that piece of paper to you as quickly as possible.

6. You are promised a degree in exchange for a lump sum—typically $399-$2,000 for an undergraduate degree and up to $3,000 for a graduate degree.

Universities do not commonly charge flat fees. They typically charge per credit or per course tuition and fees.

7. Your prospective university has multiple complaints on file.

For trustworthy factual accreditation reports, visit Get Educated’s Diploma Mill Police.

8. Your online “admission counselor” assures you that international online universities can’t be accredited in the United States by CHEA-recognized agencies.

This is a lie.

9. The school’s website either lists no faculty or lists faculty who have attended schools accredited by bogus agencies.

10. The university offers online degrees almost exclusively to U.S. citizens but is conveniently located in a foreign country, quite often a tiny nation that lacks any system of academic accreditation.

Alternatively, there has been a rise in the number of scams where the “university” claims to be located in the U.S., yet specializes in “evaluating” and “awarding” degrees based on an “international assessment process” specially designed to help immigrants wishing to enter the U.S.

Once you have researched an online college for degree mills and evaluated its accreditation report with help from the Get Educated Diploma Mill Police database, you can make an informed decision.

Why Can’t I

Life is a beautiful thing which gives opportunity to every body but it is on individual that he can take that or not. Some people succeed and some fails. Why this happen?? what is the difference between person who get success and a person who fails. When we see any person get success we assume that he may have special talent which only he may have but i don’t have. Why dreaming about big is seen as a thing which only few people can have. I am going through one of this thing, I want to open my own company of e commerce but don’t know what to do and where to start and how to do. After listening to Sandeep Maheswari who provides free life changing sessions to people. I believed that I can also do this. Why Cant I???

Why can’t I see a dream and work towards to fulfill it ? What do I lack ? Do i can’t see dream?? people around me specially people I love most do not trust my ability. They think I am not that much of dedicated towards that dream or you will fail when you will do this. Why failing is considered end of life, every body fails even people who are successful were failed at some time of their life. Is failing does not teach you lesson ? I am already failed couple of time.

I started my own company of web development with my friends but I failed. One thing I confess it that I did not have that  skill which i needed at that time. Some time when we face reality It may crush our self confidence and show us really who we are. after listening Sandeep I felt I am doing it wrong and i need to fix it up. some time you dont know who you are really and what you can do to achieve the life goals.

Sandeep asks to set goals of getting perfect in something. Getting perfection in any field is directly proportional to the amount of focus you give to that particular thing. If you give full focus to one thing you want to perfect no body will be able to stop you from getting there, But what I feel about me that I am yet not clear on my career or life path I have many things in my mind which goes through. Some times i want to do thing X and some times Y. But my life taught me that you dont need to be perfect in every field. you just need to focus on one thing. that will help you to achieve your goals. But still there are confusion, one thing sure about confusion that it make our life like a football. some times we go this way some time in another way.  I want to clear on one way. I want to live a boss less life. but I dont know how.

So question again arise Why Can’t I???