Why Can’t I

Life is a beautiful thing which gives opportunity to every body but it is on individual that he can take that or not. Some people succeed and some fails. Why this happen?? what is the difference between person who get success and a person who fails. When we see any person get success we assume that he may have special talent which only he may have but i don’t have. Why dreaming about big is seen as a thing which only few people can have. I am going through one of this thing, I want to open my own company of e commerce but don’t know what to do and where to start and how to do. After listening to Sandeep Maheswari who provides free life changing sessions to people. I believed that I can also do this. Why Cant I???

Why can’t I see a dream and work towards to fulfill it ? What do I lack ? Do i can’t see dream?? people around me specially people I love most do not trust my ability. They think I am not that much of dedicated towards that dream or you will fail when you will do this. Why failing is considered end of life, every body fails even people who are successful were failed at some time of their life. Is failing does not teach you lesson ? I am already failed couple of time.

I started my own company of web development with my friends but I failed. One thing I confess it that I did not have that  skill which i needed at that time. Some time when we face reality It may crush our self confidence and show us really who we are. after listening Sandeep I felt I am doing it wrong and i need to fix it up. some time you dont know who you are really and what you can do to achieve the life goals.

Sandeep asks to set goals of getting perfect in something. Getting perfection in any field is directly proportional to the amount of focus you give to that particular thing. If you give full focus to one thing you want to perfect no body will be able to stop you from getting there, But what I feel about me that I am yet not clear on my career or life path I have many things in my mind which goes through. Some times i want to do thing X and some times Y. But my life taught me that you dont need to be perfect in every field. you just need to focus on one thing. that will help you to achieve your goals. But still there are confusion, one thing sure about confusion that it make our life like a football. some times we go this way some time in another way.  I want to clear on one way. I want to live a boss less life. but I dont know how.

So question again arise Why Can’t I???


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