Everything is Temporary

Everything which we see around us is temporary, whether it is a mortal thing or immortal thing. Life itself is full of temporary events, even life is temporary we have to die one day.

We should not be depressed due to the current situation of our life. If you are not able to get things you want in your life do not disappoint. Keep doing your endeavour towards your goal. There is a story about a king who once lost his kingdom in a battle. Somehow he escaped from there and started living in a cave. He was very despondent. He always kept thinking about his past days and how he used to rule over his kingdom.

One day while he was sitting in the cave he saw an ant. The ant was trying to climb the wall. But the ant fell down every time, but the ant did not stop she kept her effort on. The ant fell down many times and after each time she started climbing again. Her effort paid and at last the ant was successful in climbing the wall.

Suddenly king got the idea, He gathered his soldiers and started planning to get his kingdom back. After a lot of efforts, he got his kingdom back. He knew that success and failure are just temporary. You should not be worried about them and you should keep working towards your goal.


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