The Unconsious post

Well, I got a task to write something without thinking much about this post. well let’s start, I do not know what should I write about or let’s start with writing about my life. Life has become very strange. Nothing is happening in the way I thought. Maybe this is is the reason people say life is not easy. The problem with me is I do not want a regular life. where you go to 9 to 5 job and come back. Although I do not have complaint with anyone who follows this lifestyle but I think I am not made for this.

Even I know I am not made for that life still I am not able to do about it. I have started my startup but it is not going well. This is a online shop but nobody comes for shopping. no its not true few orders come but they are not sufficient. So I thought of starting my own blogging website. where I can write my feelings. I do not know but I love writing. I do not know why I like writing. But I like. Some time I go through mental block. nohing comes into mind. But when I downloaded that book it was for daily propmt. The first excercise I am supposed to do is to write without thinking. just write and I am just writing. I do not know what I am writing but I am writing.

It is not easy to keep writing but you have to as the excercise require you to write for 20 minutes. and still only 8 minutes have passed and 12 minutes are still remaining. oh god what I am writing. God you are great. Some days ago my favourite singer Sonu Nigam tweeted about loud speakers in religious places. He was saying that any religious places should not have loudspeakers. Because It is forced religiousness. Some people didn’t like that tweets and they protested against him and some people even supported him. I think he did right thing. Here in India we are not supposed to say anything against the religion. why I thing we should have right to ask everything about any thing. Now 32 minutes have passed and still 8 minutes are remaining. ok Lets talk about weather.

It is too hot here. Temperature is rising up and temperature have already reached 45degree and heat wave have started. I got a phone in between this post of my friend who has left jaipur and shifted to Bikaner. so we were talking about temperature. temperature is very very high. In this hot tempereture you should read my blog post on my blog. I like writing but have never written anything without thinking as I am doing now. My hands are automatically typing and there may some typo errors please forgive me for that. not 16 minutes have passed and 4 minutes still remaining. I have already written 482 words till that 482 not it is 488. I was thinking is it really possible to write 500 words in 20 minutes now I have crossed that limit and still 3 minutes are remaining. wow. I did not know that I can do that Thanks my life. I loved wordpress from very early versions of wordpress. I am a web developer used lot of wordpress in clients website and now I have decided to develop my own content website. is very good website. I am proud of using wordpress and not 19 mintues have passed and I am near 600 words wow. so as time is going it is going. 20 minutes can be completed at any moment.


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